Replacing Your Furnace Air Filter

Replacing Your Furnace Air Filter In Tucson AZWhen do I change my furnace air filter? Over the years, our customers have ask us “when should they change the air filter.” Our answer is, “it depends on several factors.” Replacing your home air filters should be a priority if the you have the following:

  1. If it looks dirty, change your home air filter! Replacing home air filters before they are completely filthy is highly recommended. Not cleaning your filters will cause your heating and cooling system to be inefficient and not run at its full potential. A dirty home air filter will cost you money every month because your system will work longer and harder to achieve the room temperature you desire.
  2. Having pets in your house is also a factor. Pets shed throughout your house. Your filter will become dirty faster and plug up faster because it will pull the hair into the filter.
  3. If occupants of the house have allergies, you should be replacing your home air filters more often than it is recommended. This will help remove allergens from the air reducing allergies.
  4. Do you want to save money every month! Keeping a clean filter can save your systems energy consumption 5 to 10 percent.
  5. You equipment will last longer as well.

Replacing Your Furnace Air Filter is the key to maintaining your heating and cooling system.

Over the next few months, I will be blogging tips to help you save money and keep your system running at its peak performance. My next post will be on the types of filters available and help you decide which is the best for your needs. So give us a call today at 520-319-1687 and let us help you keep your system running at it’s best. We have maintenance programs to fit your every need.


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