Service Maintenance Agreements – Why do you need to maintain your A/C or heating unit?

Service Maintenance Agreements are crucial to unit maintenance! Your unit probably came with a factory warranty to cover parts or pumps for a certain time frame. If you have a part that could be covered under warranty, then that manufacture may request maintenance logs showing that you are taking care of the unit.

It’s like buying a car. We change the oil on a regular basis. Otherwise, we would never expect the dealer to replace our engine if we didn’t change the oil or show maintenance service logs, right? Clearly, taking care of your car is important. So is taking care of your air conditioner! We offer Service Maintenance Agreements to care for your equipment!

Air Excellence Heating and Cooling makes scheduling and remembering your check-ups easy!!!  We will call you to remind you that it’s time for an A/C tune-up or heater check-up.

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We offer multi-system, one to ten-year Service Maintenance Agreements. This is to keep your Heating & Cooling equipment in the most optimal and efficient state! Firstly, we will help you save money long-term. However, we will also help you avoid the need for repairs or replacements! You will receive 2 visits per year that include:

  • One 1” disposable Air filter per unit, per visit, or cleaning of existing washable filter
  • Discounts on parts and also labor (call for details)
  • Priority service

24 Point Inspection: 

  1. Check and calibrate thermostats required.
  2. Visually inspect and test capacitors for leakage or rust.
  3. Inspect blower wheel.
  4. Inspect unit wiring and also electrical disconnect.
  5. Tighten screw lug terminals in unit.
  6. Check indoor coil for debris or signs of damage.
  7. Inspect refrigerant levels.
  8. Check high and also low-pressure switches
  9. Inspect blower motor and record AMP draw (lubricate as needed)
  1. Check split temperature.
  2. Inspect readily accessible air ducts for obvious leaks.
  3. Check contactors for pitting.
  4. Check Amp draw on condenser fan motor.
  5. Inspect temp split on outdoor coil.
  6. Inspect condensation drain for blockage.
  7. Check insulation in unit
  8. Check fuses and condition
  1. Inspect loose wiring on all parts.
  2. Check for properly sealed plenum.
  3. Check AMP draw on compressor.
  4. Test the unit for peak operating efficiency.
  5. Check defrost cycle and also reversing valve operation (only heat pumps).
  6. Check and record operating pressures and temperatures.
  7. Inspect cooling system for loose parts, or vibration that is not usual.

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