Why Now is the Best Time to Replace Your AC Unit

Why Now is the Best Time to Replace Your AC Unit

It might be time to replace your AC unit! How was your AC unit working through the summer? Was it loud? Did it run all day and night? Did it feel like it just wasn’t working?

If you’ve been struggling to keep your home feeling comfortable throughout the day, then let’s solve that problem! It’s time to get proactive instead of waiting for your unit to fail during the dangerously hot summer. Whether you’re looking for better zone control, custom duct work, smart technology, or more, we’re happy to help!

Now is the best time to get a replacement AC unit, so now is your opportunity to consider whether it’s time. We’d be happy to help you make that decision! 


Is it Time for a New AC Unit? 

Whether you’ve been experiencing issues with your unit or not, we’d recommend taking some time to think over how old your unit is and whether it’s still working efficiently for you. If you’ve been living with an old unit, a replacement should make an impactful change! With a brand new air conditioner installed, you’ll get to enjoy a more efficient, cost-saving, overall better AC all year long. They’re also quieter, plus many brands now have offer smart technology that you can take advantage of! Your AC unit will only last about 10-13 years on average due to temperatures here in Tucson, so keep this in mind!

Now, if you have been experiencing AC issues, then we’d recommend you replace your AC unit if it’s less expensive than your repairs! This is especially true over time. If your unit is growing older. We always recommend that our clients replace their air conditioner before the repair costs begin to outweigh the replacement ones. 

This time of year is also the best temperature for an AC replacement! Don’t wait until the heat comes back!

Why Choose Air Excellence to Replace Your AC Unit?

We are not only locally-owned and operated, but we offer a wide range of heating and cooling units across different brands! While we’re happy to help you explore your options. We also offer added benefits when you install a new Mitsubishi unit!

We’ve also put in hard work to become a Diamond Dealer with Mitsubishi! This means that we can bring you top-of-the-line equipment and benefits when you choose to purchase a new unit through us. When we order, install, and register any new Mitsubishi equipment, it will come with a 12-year warranty on its parts from the manufacturer. That’s longer than most warranties in the industry!

Get in touch with us for a FREE quote on installing a new unit!

Let’s chat about how we can help you get started on making your home even more comfortable.


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