Consider Ductless Mini Splits for your home or office!

Ductless mini splits can make an amazing impact on your space– you’ll love their flexibility and efficiency! At Air Excellence, we can help you decide which brand is right for you, where and how to install, and get them running smoothly with a maintenance plan that will last.

What are ductless mini splits?

Ductless mini splits are made of two units, one inside and one outside, connected by a lineset with thermostat wiring. The outdoor unit works as your compressor/condenser by releasing the hot air from inside, while the indoor unit delivers hot or cold air directly into your space. This indoor unit is usually wall-mounted and remote-controlled, with no duct work needed. They can be installed just about anywhere, no matter the size of the room, though you may often see them used in spaces where home additions were made or air circulation isn’t as good as the rest of the building.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Mini Split?

Aside from not requiring ducts, Mini Splits are known for their flexibility and efficiency. They’re small in size, so placement within your home or business can be seamless. Using these comfort systems, you can create “zones” within your space that can be individually controlled. This can come in handy when one member of your family is always too hot or too cold! It’s also great for bedrooms, exercise spaces, and any room that isn’t connected to ductwork. Their remotes can grant you, your family, or your office staff easy control of their own comfort. They’re also known to be energy efficient!

Count on Air Excellence to Install New Ductless Mini Splits!

We are able to provide our clients with top-of-the-line mini splits, giving you a variety of options to choose from! We have done plenty of hard work over the years to become a Diamond Dealer with Mistubishi, bringing you top-of-the-line equipment and benefits when you choose to purchase through us. When we order, install, and register any new Mitsubishi equipment, it will come with a 12-year warranty on its parts from the manufacturer! Over time, this can save you time, money, and the headache of needing repairs.

To learn more about installing new Ductless Mini Splits, call us today for a free quote! Our technicians are happy to answer any of your questions and we get started with discussing mini split installation in your home or office. We also offer AC service maintenance agreements so that we can help your units stay efficient and running smoothly for years to come!

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